Creating Awesome Huddle Rooms That Boost Productivity

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Huddle rooms come in many shapes and sizes, but they are most definitely not all created equally. These small spaces, designed to accommodate 4-6 people, are typically equipped with much of the technology of the standard conferencing room, including video technology. Make sure that each of them is designed to foster productivity, creative thinking and fun. Yes, we said fun.

Your employees will be spending large chunks of their day in these rooms. So, make sure they enhance collaboration and provide an enjoyable workspace. Wainhouse Research estimates that there are 30 – 50 million huddle rooms in existence today.

And trends point to this number increasing over time as organizations include huddle rooms in new building plans and re-work existing offices in favor of smaller, more flexible meeting spaces.To know more information on online classroom solutions visit People Link.

Read on for our best tips to make sure your huddle rooms combine creativity with efficiency.

Prepare Your Room

Huddle rooms are meant to support quick and easy presentation and collaboration between users both inside and outside the organization. Make sure each huddle room includes reliable Wi-Fi coverage, ample power sources, and a reasonably sized table with chairs.

Depending on the types of devices your employees use, you may also choose to include a range of connectors.

Gather Design Input

Take the room aesthetics into consideration—it is part of the overall package. While working with people outside of IT to create the space, there should be input on elements like design.

The key here is to ensure you provide an environment that will inspire employees to collaborate well together. You can do this by adding a logo or motto to the walls, painting the room a different color, or naming each room something fun and incorporating a theme into the room itself.

Pro Tip: Name your rooms something that correlates with your brand. Here at People Link, each of our huddle rooms is named after our favorite types of… blue jeans. When you meet with us, we may be joining the meeting in Baggy, Slim Fit, or Bell Bottom.

Kit Out the Room

To make your huddle room as useful as possible, it’s important to enable it with video conferencing software. This will allow remote employees to collaborate with the team and ensures that employees can easily meet with partners and clients over video.

The hardware needed is much more affordable and less complex than it used to be. Huddle rooms can be video-enabled with off-the-shelf items like a large, high-definition display for video and content sharing, an HD camera, a Mini PC, a speaker and microphone, and a tablet.

Note that you can use the Dolby Conference Phone in place of the tablet, speaker, and microphone to allow for better sound-quality while also reducing the number of parts needed in each room.For more info on web conferencing solution check Pdagreen

Choose Simple, Flexible Software

Your huddle rooms should be ready to accommodate all types of meetings—from impromptu strategy sessions to formal presentations to customers. Make sure you select a technology that has a familiar UI so it both easy to join and easy to use.

Doing so will boost ROI as employees continuously use the room and will eliminate the need to ask IT for help with every meeting. Key things to consider when choosing a rooms technology include the number of participants, touch-to-join capabilities, availability of wireless screen sharing, calendar integrations, and central management.

Add Non-Tech Tools for Creation

Outstanding video, audio, display, and system technology are hallmarks of any quality huddle room that is built for collaboration. But the space should also have an array of non-tech tools and surfaces to support creativity offline.

Some things you should consider including in your huddle spaces are whiteboards, butcher paper rolls, clipboard walls, and small cabinets filled with pens, sticky notes, highlighters, and other necessities.

That’s it! You’ve officially created huddle awesome spaces for your employees so they can be more productive. Sit back, relax, and bask in the glory of your newfound celebrity status.

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