Renault Kwid Hatchback First Look Review


Renault Kwid Overview

For years together, we were glued to the nation’s heroic car maker Maruti Suzuki as the cars they made catered to the needs of masses. However, when it came to want more, one simply had no option but to shell out extra and upgrade to a higher segment. Now that is not the ideal solution. And here is where Renault’s little red riding hood comes into the picture.

As dreamy as it might sound, the Renault Kwid is not just a budget hatch but a macho and angry looking crossover, made to exist and scare the clichéd offerings crawling on present day roads. Feature list includes a satellite navigation system, touchscreen infotainment unit, trip computer and many more along with the claim of best in class of mileage of 25.17 kmpl. We take it around the lazy streets of Goa for our first drive report.

Renault Kwid Design

The excitement levels that arise by seeing budget hatchbacks is same as seeing two slices of plain bread kept on a white plate. They appear a result of design engineer’s boredom and desperation. One can’t really blame them completely especially as the brief is to make something that fulfils the basic requirements of an automobile.The Renault Kwid, happily, doesn’t evoke any of that. Dimensionally, it belongs to its class but design wise it is not anything we have ever seen in the segment. With its SUV inspired styling and a much modern design, it will strike a quick rapport with both the vibrant young as well as the sanely matured. Not an exaggeration to say, this one also proved to be a looker as we kept answering the curious beings all over.

A dark chain linked grille holds the bold Renault logo on the front with slender clear lens headlamps to the side. To add some razzmatazz, there is chrome detailing done inside the headlamps. Move behind and you would see the muscular contours curving below the grille. The fog lamp housing also gets swanky matte surround; affixed to the bumper.

The front hood has multiple characteristic lines to make it look more appealing and the same can be felt with the steeply designed windscreen. The strong shoulder line flows from the muscular wheel arch in the front before parting way and moving up towards the C-pillar. The efforts taken to make the Kwid look distinct from other offerings can be seen with intricate detailing done on the side such as scooped door handle pockets, boxy fuel lid shape and other contour lines on the side profile. To know more details on Renault Kwid visit Stsoft

The ORVMs are done in contrasting black and need to be manually adjusted from outside. The matte cladding running over squarish wheel arches on the front and rear doesn’t look out of sync and instead blend nicely with the overall arrangement. The tall ground clearance of 180mm makes it sound relevant to the SUV inspiration and is also a best in class feature.

The French have a way with the rear and that is for obvious reasons. On the Kwid too, it looks delicate and petite with those well rounded tail lamps and a voluptuous tail gate which definitely has a reason for its shape but looks impressive at the same time. The have made the gate tidy by limiting the labels on it, even the variant name is displayed on the rear window line. The cladding on the rear starts at a higher point and concludes the profile with the registration plate placed on the lower section and a well positioned exhaust pipe tucked underneath.

Renault Kwid Cabin

Maruti stepped the quality game up with the Alto twins, atleast where interiors were concerned. The interiors on the Kwid are more or less on par in terms of quality. The interior carries the classic budget color i.e dull grey. What breaks the monotony of the boring grey however is the piano black center console. There are little chrome accents around the cabin too – around the ac vents, ac knobs and the center console to be specific.

The infotainment system, or the ‘MediaNAV’ as Renault calls it, is available on the top-spec RXT trim. Needless to say, the system is a straight lift from the much bigger; and not to mention much more expensive, Duster. It supports USB and AUX inputs and can take calls or play music from your phone as well. It also gets navigation and just like the Duster, the infotainment system is a breeze to use. You get just two speakers with the system and the audio quality is just about average.

The wheelbase is a healthy 2422mm, a good 58mm more than the Alto800. This does free up a lot of space inside the car, especially at the rear bench. The rear bench is designed for three people, although we’d take that with a pinch of salt. While two passengers can sit comfortably at the rear, the third will make things rather uncomfortable – jostling for shoulder space with the other two occupants.

The front seats are decently cushioned and will support you well. Although the integrated headrests will make your neck complain a little. Driving position is on the higher side and you get a good view of the road ahead. The instrument cluster is digital and gets some neat looking digital fonts and a gearshift indicator as well. The steering wheel is set at a neutral angle and it shouldn’t really be a problem for majority of the masses. The wheel itself is a nice and chunky three spoke unit and feels nice to hold. The steering is on the heavier side, but more on that later.

The Kwid also scores extremely high on utility as well. There are storage spaces on the door pads, a small shelf above the glovebox and some more storage space on either side of the gear lever. The bootspace is healthy at 300 litres, which can be extended to a whopping 1115 litres by folding the second row of seats away.

While the infotainment system and instrument cluster look futuristic; certain bits like mock dials, empty spaces on the dash and the buttonless steering quickly remind you that you are sitting inside a budget hatchback. I have to say, Renault has got the basics right. There’s a lot of space for the family and their luggage as well.

Renault Kwid Performance

Under the hood lies the same engine and gearbox combo as you will find in the 1-litre manual Kwid – a three-cylinder, 999cc motor developing 67bhp and 91Nm of torque. The only difference here is that a set of hydraulic actuators and sensors engage and disengage the clutch and shift cogs on the 5-speed gearbox for you. Now although the power and torque figures won’t raise any eyebrow, the Kwid is a featherweight so there isn’t much heft to haul. Nonetheless, it’s quiet and refined around town, however, every time you pull away from standstill you will hear that typical three-cylinder thrum as you pick up pace. Unlike the 800cc motor which has a jerky power delivery with some flat spots around the mid-range, the 1-litre Kwid is relatively smooth with the way it delivers power.

The biggest addition on the 2018 Kwid AMT, without a doubt, is the much-needed creep function that moves the car forward ever so lightly when you take your foot off the brake – a neat feature when driving in heavy traffic. What’s more, it makes hill starts little easier as you no longer need to step on the throttle frantically to avoid rolling back. As for the all-important shift quality, the gearshifts aren’t exactly seamless but the trademark rocking motion linked to AMTs is noticeably less in the Kwid compared to the Alto K10 AMT. Sure, there is still that typical judder when you get off the line or drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic, but the jerkiness smoothens out as you up the pace.

Despite its lack of grunt or a manual override, the Kwid feels comfortable on the highway as well. The featherweight Renault, in fact, has no trouble hitting triple digit speeds – it took 16.5 seconds to complete the 0-100kmph sprint and 8.8 and 12.4 seconds for the 20-80kmph and 40-100kmph in gear respectively.

Renault Kwid Riding

In terms of handling, the Kwid retains its light steering feel (good for puttering around town) but there is more body roll than what’s expected and the steering itself is devoid of feel. However, when it comes to tackling bad roads, the little Renault is hard to fault. The long travel suspension that otherwise makes the Kwid lean into the corners allows it to maintain composure over pothole-riddled roads. Sure, the ride quality is slightly bouncy under full load, it is still impressive overall and like the Duster, the Kwid tackles bad roads with relative ease, especially for a car of this size.

Renault Kwid Safety

Renault Kwid comes with high-quality suspension for the front and back wheels. These suspensions allow you to have a comfortable ride on bumpy roads. Renault Kwid is a budget car. Hence, most of its models do not have ABS and EBD. However, its ventilated disc front brakes and rear drum brakes are good enough to control the vehicle. It also comes with a manual handbrake to ensure that your vehicle does not move forward or backwards when you park it on sloping terrain.

Renault Kwid comes with compact tyres having size 155/80R13. On the safety front, all Renault Kwid variants come with a minimum of one airbag for the driver. Other safety features include a central locking system, child safety locks, and timely alerts if you accidentally leave its doors open. Engine immobiliser and load limiters for the rear seats are other exciting safety features.

Renault Kwid Price in Mumbai

Renault Kwid On Road Price is 3,29,145/- and Ex-showroom Price is 2,75,999/- in Mumbai. Renault Kwid comes in 5 colours, namely Fiery Red,Moonlight Silver,Planet Grey,Electric blue,Ice Cool White. Renault Kwid comes with FWD with 799 CC Displacement and 3 Cylinders with Maximum Power 53 bhp@5678 rpm and Peak Torque 72 Nm@4400 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at 16.8 seconds . Renault Kwid comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .Check for Kwid price in Mumbai at Tryaldrive.

Renault Kwid Bottomline

The are multiple reasons to state that Kwid is a strong product from Renault as firstly, it is a global car made from scratch and not a mere downsized or upgraded variant of any other car. The CMF-A platform, which powers the Kwid, has been designed and tuned to take care of all the present and upcoming needs and requirements. The same platform has potential to churn out cars with varied body types.

The localization percentage is the highest by any manufacturer at 98% and this will give Renault a strong advantage to price the Kwid at its competitive best. To top it up, this small of a crossover looking hatch delivers 25.17 kmpl speaking about the high levels of optimization done. Features like Media SatNav, Trip computer and touchscreen infotainment, which otherwise wasn’t expected in the segment, will leave a strong impression among its buyers.

Renault also doesn’t wish to limit itself to the matured class only as they have 60 categories of personalization options with 6 accessory packs and 25 lifestyle decal options especially for the young class of buyers. This can let the user uniquely customize his Kwid with roof rails, front bumper guard, side cladding with Kwid etched on it, ambient light, illuminated sill plates, steering wheel cover, custom seat covers and much more.

The brand has also worked on strengthening its dealership network which has grown from 35 to 205 and that too in just 4 years of its existence in India. They have incorporated use of high end technology to ease the buying process and that has been done by introducing virtual showrooms where anyone can connect online and get a complete presentation of the product with an option of payment gateway. All of the info about the Kwid can be accessed on your smartphone too using the Kwid app.

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