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What Are The Causes,Types & Symptoms Of Lipoma


Lipoma is a mass of fat under the skin which is easily movable.

In most cases Lipomas are noncancerous, slow growing, benign tumors. Lipomas can be seen on different parts of body and multiple growths are to be expected. Lipomas are moveable even with just from a slight touch or pressure. People of all ages are prone to lipoma formation, but are common in middle age.

What causes Lipoma?

We are not sure of the exact cause of lipoma, however there are certain factors which can trigger lipoma occurrence:

These factors are

A. If there is an injury to certain part of the body, it trigger development of lipoma in that area.

B. Heredity – Lipoma is believed to run in families so genetic factors also play role

C. Lipomas are found in some conditions like Gardner syndrome, multiple lipomatosis, madelung’s disease, Cowden syndrome, adiposis dolorosa

Types of lipoma

Lipomas are divided into many different types depending upon their microscopic appearance. However, there is not much difference in their composition.To know more details on Lipoma visit Wwrdheritage

The various types include :

1. Adenolipomas –

This is associated with the eccrine sweat glands.

2. Conventional –

This is the most common type and consists of mature white fat.

3. Hibernoma –

This is made up of brown fat.

4. Fibrolipoma –

Composed of fat and fibrous tissue.

5. Angiolipoma –

Composed of blood vessels and fat tissues.

6. Spindle cell lipoma –

Composed of cells that are rod shaped. They are seen in elderly people. Men are most commonly affected.

7. Intradermal spindle cell lipoma –

This type is most common in women.

8. Neural lipoma –

Made up of fibro – fatty tissue.

Lipoma symptoms

Lipomas often go unnoticed unless patient develop some symptoms. Those symptoms are:

Lipomas which are generally small in size, grow bigger in size. In some cases they can grow as big as 20 cms. Lipomas are soft and doughy to touch and they are easily movable with slight finger pressure. They are generally painless but can become painful when they grow and start exerting pressure on neighboring nerves. Lipomas grow just under the skin and are easily felt by mild finger touch.

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