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What Are The Risks and Complications Of Lipoma?


Lipoma is a condition in which excess growth of fat cells between the skin and the fibrous capsule occurs. Lipomas usually develop slowly and are not considered to be cancerous. They can occur in any part of the body but they commonly affect the torso, neck, upper thighs, upper arms, and armpits.

A lipoma is just an outgrowth of the skin due to deposition of fat and therefore, can be detected easily. People can have more than one lipoma. Generally, these are soft, painless and harmless but the doctor may advise you to remove them if they trouble you.

Lipomas can be single or multiple benign subcutaneous tumors which can be easily recognized since they are rounded, soft and lobulated. Most of the lipomas are small in shape, but at times they can grow to almost 6 cm. Lipomas are said to be composed of fat cells with a framework of connective tissues and tend to have the same morphology as normal fat cells.

The angiolipomas are said to have a vascular component which can be tender in cold and ambient temperatures. These lipomas often would need excision whereas in other cases, those lipomas should be only excised if they are termed as disfigured. When the lipomas are soft, the doctor can also consider going in for liposuction since they would only have one minor connective tissue.For more info on Lipoma check Orsp

Risks and Complications Of Lipoma

There are several risk factors associated with lipoma, which include:

A. Age: although lipoma can occur at any stage, people between 40 to 60 years of age are at higher risk whereas; the disease is rarely seen in children.

B. People with other medical conditions like Adiposis Dolorosa, Cowden syndrome, or Gardner’s syndrome, are at the higher risk of multiple lipomas.

C.Persons with a family history of lipoma are at comparatively higher risk of getting lipoma.

The individual’s chances of developing lipoma would increase if they are obese. In most of the cases, obesity is known to stem from the excessive consumption of calories, which is part of the daily diet of the individual. If one tends to gain weight very quickly, then any of the existing lipomas which are present on the body would also tend to increase in size.

Those who drink large amounts of alcohol of any type are also at an increased risk for the development of single or multiple lipomas. Excess of alcohol intake can lead to an increase in the weight of the individual which is an added risk for getting lipoma.

Those individuals who find it difficult to control the level of their blood sugar are also at an increased risk of developing lipomas. In most of the cases, it has been seen that the problems related to the blood sugar is known to stem from being obese or consumption of a diet which is very poor in nutrition.

Also, there is an increase in the risk of developing lipomas if the individual tends to receive any kind of blunt injury to the soft tissues, mostly those tissues which are located in the upper or lower portion of the leg. In certain cases, it has been seen that people with lipomas were born with certain gene-related damage which triggered the formation of tumor.

Gender is also said to play an important role in the development of lipoma. Men mostly have a tendency to develop multiple lipomas which is a condition that is sometimes also referred to as Lipomatosis, whereas women generally tend to develop single lipomas, which is also known as isolated lipomas.

It is always better to speak to your doctor about the issue of obesity, how to stop consuming alcohol on a regular basis and how to control sugar levels in the body. It is recommended to inform the doctor about any new kind of or unusual skin lumps.

Lipomas are said to differ from a rare form of fat-based cancer, which is known as liposarcoma. Lipomas, as discussed earlier, tend to form just below the skin whereas liposarcomas are known to form deeper in the tissues. In case the lipoma causes excessive amount of pain or it tends to increase in size gradually, then it is always recommended to visit the doctor for proper diagnosis.

Lipoma Removal Cost

The cost of surgery for the removal of a Lipoma is typically ranges from INR 10,000/- to 25,000/- depending on the case. Please be aware lab and consultation are charged separately, but sometimes Lipomas do not need to be sent to the lab. Lipomas on back, front and shoulders particularly larger Lipomas can be more expensive as they can be considerably more difficult to remove.

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