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Volkswagen Polo GT Hatchback First Drive

Volkswagen Polo GT Overview

Volkswagen recently launched the facelifted versions of the GT TSI and the GT TDI. The top end GT Polo’s are the go faster versions of the regular Polo. The company first launched these cars in 2013. Volkswagen first launched the Polo GT TSI with a 1.2 litre petrol engine mated a DSG transmission. Then later they came out with Polo GT TDI that came with a diesel engine taken from the Volkswagen Vento.

These cars soon become some of the best hatchbacks available and were soon called “warm” hatchbacks. For the Indian petrol head, these cars are a boon. With power outputs of around 105 PS, they are some of the most powerful hatchbacks available at a decent price.For the facelifted model, the company launched the GT TSI and the GT TDI together but they were launched a month after the regular Polo. So what has changed with the newer cars? From the looks of it, not much actually. Volkswagen Polo GT in Tryaldrive

Volkswagen Polo GT Exterior & Style

Volkswagen Polo has always had staunchly distinguishing lines compared to other hatchbacks. While hatchbacks by definition have been mere smaller cars, the Polo offers character and compactness without losing its sharpness. Its edgy appearance makes it unique. The minimal design elements makes it look sophisticated and premium.The company deliberately chose to make its car not look cheesy by giving it dummy air scoops and fake spoilers but just drop hints of what’s under the hood. The front profile of the GT TSI is identical to the normal version. It has razor sharp styling everywhere. The headlights are done in a black finish. The lower section of the bumper protrudes out with a chiseled jaw line.

The radiator grille is done in chrome and sports GT badges on the twin slat grille. The bonnet line looks relaxed while it flows along the length and immediately concludes just above the radiator grille. Seen from front, the flared wheel arches make the car look wide.The silhouette will definitely confuse you for normal Polo if not for the GT TSI decals on the C Pillar. The 15 inch 10 spoke alloy wheel has been carried as standard package from the highline variant. The door handles are body colored while the ORVMS come in a two tone finish. Since the tail appears at a taller position than the front, it gives an athletic stance to the car.

It has one of the smartest rear profiles available in its segment. In fact, certain cues of the Polo can also be seen on the rear profiles of A Class and the upcoming BMW 1 series hatch. On the rear tail door, it just mentions GT and TSI but not the model name. This is natural as the model is so very popular that the company chose to highlight the variant name only. It has an integrated spoiler on the roof of the tail door.Unlike the normal Polo which comes in 6 color shades, the GT TSI comes only in Candy White, Flash Red and deep black. Overall, the GT TSI with its minimal design approach looks very stylish.

Volkswagen Polo GT Interior & Space

The interiors of the Polo GT TSI are a familiar territory if you have been inside any Volkswagen car. They aren’t as flamboyant as Hyundai’s fluidic but then that’s the best part of these cars. They are very functionally designed. It has a minimal approach for maximum utilization.The leather wrapped steering wheel has audio and phone controls on it. The instrumental panel is simple and has red digits showing all the necessary information. It shows information like trip reading, gear engaged, fuel left, average speed etc. The front dashboard is done in two tones with beige and dark finish. The colours used in the interiors trims are very subtle and don’t look very bling with heavy chrome surround.

It gets Milan Titanschwarz fabric upholstery. The two tone seats appear decent if not high on premium feel. The fabric quality on the seats could have been better especially if you relate it with the staggering price tag. Front row seats are comfortable with the driver’s seat being height adjustable. For taller people, the kneeroom can be an issue. The steering adjustment lever keeps rubbing with the knee when the car is fully occupied.Rear passenger comfort is good. The headroom in the rear section is great and also the passengers in this section enjoy great visibility. Wide door openings help easy ingress and convenient egress. The Polo is at extreme comfort when it occupies four passengers at the maximum.

Just to make you realize that this is not the normal Polo (after paying that premium of an amount there are less chances of you not realizing) there are GT badges on the scruff plate with a chrome finish. Even the pedals look racy with the metallic tinge. The short and stout transmission stick with DSG engraved on it is sufficient to make you feel that this is not a normal auto box.There are provisions on the front door pocket to fill hold a 1.5L bottle. Inside the glove box there is a provision to smartly tuck in a sunglass. The rear section seats can be made to collapse easily thus increasing the luggage compartment. There is a parcel tray sliced just above the luggage compartment to create a subtle partition. For a compact hatch, it offers generous luggage space.

Volkswagen Polo GT Engine & Performance

While the Polo GT TSI has retained its heart, the Polo GT TDI has ditched the large 1.6-litre TDI unit in favour of a smaller yet made for India oil burner. The 1.5-litre mill might be downsized but produces exactly the same output as its fore-bearer, thus output is 105 PS of power at 4400 RPM and 250 Nm of torque between 1500-2500. The 1498cc engine in the lower state of tune powers the regular Polo and generates 90 PS and 230 Nm, both the Polo 90 PS and Polo GT feel very similar as far as engine character goes. Just like the regular Polo, the GT TDI too has a good low-end punch with a strong mid-range and not so much punch at the top-end.

When compared to the regular Polo, the GT TDI doesn’t have as good low-end drivability although the car is still fabulous when you want to amble around town. Case in point being the fact that one can put the Polo GT TDI in third gear and still crawl over speed-breakers at speeds as low as 15 km/hr, no hindrance from the powerplant whatsoever. When compared to the old Polo 1.6 TDI, the new car has a slightly lighter clutch but lacks the top-end rush, it does make up by having lower turbolag and better drivability and lower NVH, the motor is still vocal when you give it the beans (especially post 3500 RPM). In terms of mileage, the new GT is more frugal with a ARAI certified mileage of 19.91 km/l against the old GT’s 19.78 km/l. On our test, our right foot was heavily buried to the floor and we still managed to get double digit mileage numbers. In terms of outright acceleration, the new GT TDI is slower by 0.15 seconds to the ton (taking 10.03 seconds) which isn’t much of a difference, the regular 90 PS Polo is 2.31 seconds slower to 100 km/hr in comparison.

So the new Polo GT TDI is more drivable, it has a very strong mid-range and the surge can keep you grinning for hours. It is vocal but in a good way and the motor redlines at 5500 RPM (the redline reducing in each gear like in second it redlines at 5400 RPM while in third the tacho stops dead at 5300 RPM). 100 km/hr comes up in third gear and at the same speed in top gear, you would see the tacho tick at 2300 RPM which is the same as the regular Polo, you know why, because the gearing is identical between the 90 PS and 105 PS Polos. Thus you would do 45 km/hr, 80 km/hr, 120 km/hr in first, second and third gears respectively. It’s post that there is a difference as the higher output of the GT model gives it a better top speed. Fourth gear is good enough for 157 km/hr while fifth gear will see you top out at 195 km/hr. The gearbox is slick shifting and in-gear acceleration is very good.

Volkswagen Polo GT Driving Dynamics

The Polo GT TDI shares its suspension set-up with the regular Polo and Volkswagen hasn’t made any changes for the go faster model. So you have a well set-up balance between ride and handling although the soft suspension does show a bit of bounciness when you drive really fast over very bad roads. The ride quality is excellent for the most part and so is the handling with tight body control and eagerness to dive into corners. The steering has good feedback too although it isn’t as flawless as one would expect on a car which proudly carries a GT badge on its chin. When you corner really hard, there is plenty of grip till a point understeer kicks in to ruin the fun. The new Apollo Alnac tyres are better than the Aceleres which we weren’t a fan of on the old Polo. Braking performance is good while high speed stability deserves an A+, the Polo just remains glued to the road at all times.

Volkswagen Polo GT Safety & Security

There are plenty of Volkswagen Polo GT features in the safety section that ensure that customers rely upon the prowess of the hatch. Some of the safety features offered by the hatch include height-adjustable head restraints, 3-point seat belts, emergency exit, high mounted stop lamp, etc. For the braking system, Volkswagen Polo GT gets ABS along with disc brakes for the front wheel and drum brakes for the rear.

Volkswagen Polo GT Cost in Mumbai

Volkswagen Polo Gt On-Road Price in Mumbai ranges from 10,16,696 to 10,64,896 for variants Polo GT TSI and Polo GT TDI respectively. Volkswagen Polo Gt is available in 2 variants and 5 colours. Below are details of Volkswagen Polo Gt variants price in Mumbai. Check for Polo GT price in Mumbai at Carzprice

Volkswagen Polo GT Conclusion

What are the different cars we get in so much money? Ford Classic sedan, Ford SUV EcoSport or perhaps the premium Honda City sedan. They all have one thing in common against the Polo GT TSI, which is size. In addition to that, they have one more thing in common. All of them are just Point A to Point B travelers whereas the GT TSI is an insanely fun machine.Claiming the GT to be overpriced is not fair if you consider all the segment first features that Volkswagen has squeezed in this hot hatch. The 7 Speed DSG automatic gearbox is like a whiplash on all those German horses belted inside the engine.

Scared by the notion of delivering fuel efficient cars, not many manufacturers are keen to bring in performance based cars considering the racing fuel prices. The Polo GT TSI is the first in class and is definitely here to stay. It indeed has the REAL METAL to lash the competition.